Tire Services

Chase Race mounts and balances tires using a Ranger R26EX tire changer, and a Hoffmann Geodyna 40 balancer.

Our typical customer is a racer who brings in loose wheels so our pricing structure is designed around that. We are, of course, well equipped to lift the car and remove and reinstall the wheels, and are happy to do this for a small amount extra.

Chase Race does not sell tires, but we have done a lot of business with Tire Rack and we recommend them. Click on the Tire Rack link below to buy your tires, wheels, shocks, or anything else.

You may have your order shipped directly to Chase Race if you wish, and we will notify you when your parts arrive.

Price per tire

dismount, mount, balance $30
dismount, mount* $20*
mount, balance $20
dismount* $10*
mount* $10*
balance $10
replace TPMS sensor $5
remove from car $10.00
disposal $5
new valve stem $1
add aluminum tape to weights $1
* Rally tires are DOUBLE *$ x2
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