About Chase Race LLC

Hi! I'm Doug Chase, owner of Chase Race LLC. Welcome to the website and thanks for being interested enough to check out this page.

Chase Race was started in 2003 out of the desire to get away from a desk, out of an office, and off the beaten path. I wanted to follow my own dreams instead of being a small cog in someone else's. I wanted to know my customers, talk to them face to face, provide them with exceptional quality work, and see the smile on their face when they picked up their car.

The Chase Race business approach is not to sell cheap merchandise that will have to be replaced in a year, or that will be thrown away in a year because it wasn't needed in the first place. The Chase Race business approach is to talk to the customer, figure out their real needs, and provide the best solution to that problem.

This approach has worked well so far. We have done a large variety of work on a large variety of cars. We've done custom exhausts for street cars and race cars. We've done cages for road race, rally, autocross, and track day cars. We've done fuel cell installs, fire system installs, engine swaps, suspension modifications, and trailer hitches. The one thing all projects have in common is that the car owner came in with a specific need and left with the right solution done the right way.

Thanks for reading,

Doug Chase

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